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Hello everyone! Welcome to my website! Let me introduce myself: my name is Anna Panchenko and I'm a photographer specialized in newborn babies. I feel lucky as I'm doing something that I truly love. My photography experience is over 14 years, out of which for more than 5 years I'm working with newborn babies. I have in excess of 400 happy clients as a result of my work. Working and communicating with future moms and dads, and their newly born babies is something that makes me truly happy! It is my pleasure that I can bring happiness into their homes in the form of photographs that will capture for many many years some of their most tender, touching and happy moments of family life! I do my best to reflect those family values in my work. When pictures are genuine, they literally come to life! Time flies by so quickly, so if you are expecting to become or already are a parent of a newborn, I hope you are savoring every moment of being with him or her! On my side, I can help you to capture the best of these moments for years to come!


Photoshoot at your home 






Of course, this is not an essential service, but just think about it - is it really necessary to purchase an expensive stroller, a dozen sets of children's clothing at a time, because the child instantly grows out of them, a lot of fashionable toys that the baby hardly plays with?.. You will definitely forget about the first fashionable rompers and a stroller, but I guarantee you will never forget about the first photoset of the baby! Don’t become one of those who regret that they lost time and did not capture these gentle touching moments! Photographing a newborn is your first major contribution to your child's growing up story! It shows your status as good responsible parents! It can be a valuable birthday present from your friends and family!



Children are all different, so are adults. My many years of experience allows me to make beautiful shots for any baby! You will just rest at this time and enjoy the process. You might also learn little lifehacks on how to calm your baby!

 The most important thing here is your intention to make first pictures for the little one! In my experience, there were different situations and life circumstances, which made it impossible to shoot within the first 14 days. But the parents really wanted to take pictures of their kids and we filmed when babies were already 20, 36, 100 days old! The shots are incredibly cute and so dear to parents hearts!

Swaddling comfortably for a photoshoot is a separate skill that requires a lot of experience. It simulates the poses the baby  just recently took in your womb. They are completely physiological and close to the baby! You will notice that this way the baby quickly calms down and falls asleep! But if you wish, I will not swaddle the baby tight, we will choose more free posing.

The birth of a child is a significant event for every family! If your expenses are already planned, ask your friends and relatives for the first photoset as a gift - later it will become their most valuable gift for you!

Pimples and other temporary irritations on the baby's skin are easily removed in Photoshop when retouching photos, so this is the least reason to postpone shooting. And if your baby is tiny in weight, then believe me, having gained a pound or even a kilogram, he will still be as fragile and tiny for you as in the first week. Better choose to shoot earlier than not at all, waiting for the best moment can last forever!

 Usually, mommies spend a lot of money on extras: expensive strollers, swings, hammocks, sun loungers, a bunch of clothes that instantly become small, and often remain lying in the closet, never put on! Here, of course, everyone decides for themself. Think what is more important - a shelf of clothes for a baby and a swing, in which he spends maximum 1 hour, or gentle first portraits that you will keep for the lifetime, comparing how quickly your child has grown!

All you need to do is to gather your strength and drop me a message! One small message! We will choose a date, I will come and fully organize the process. And you will have 2-3 hours of good rest with a cup of tea on your couch!


Can be confident in my experience and competence. I have filmed over 400 babies in Singapore.

Get studio quality photos made in your home. You do not need to go anywhere to leave the first magical touching footage of your baby in the family archive

Don't worry about preparing special props. I will bring everything necessary for shooting with me.

Do not worry that after giving birth you are a little out of shape. All the mothers in my portfolio are not photo models, they are ordinary mothers who wanted to keep the first joint photos with the baby in their memory. I will show you how best to sit or stand, choose a good angle and pay maximum attention to what you like in the photo!

Beautiful professional photos for any baby's temperament. My 5 years of experience working with newborns allows me to quickly and slick get on the right side of any baby: calm or crying, tummy troubles or acne is not a reason to stop filming. Every kid will have cute photos!

Get 2-3 hours of relaxation and fun from watching the process. After the shoot, 90% of parents admit to me that they did not fully believe that their child would lie so calmly in these cute postures.