A simple, and truly stylish and elegant book.

The book is made of luxury natural leather in Italy, of any color and texture

presented in the palette. High-quality printing on archival paper, Stunning

color-transfer, thick matte pages, 180-degree turn. These awesome books

are presented in a designer gift box. The box is made of natural wood with a

finish of genuine leather and high-quality binding material with a fabric

surface. Made in Russia.

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Wooden blocks

What is photography for me? 

This is, first of all, memory, these are moments from the life of my family that I would like to carry through the years, I would like my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see these photos!  I understand the value and importance of such a memory, for me they are “priceless”!  Therefore, I offer my heroes only high-quality printed materials that will delight them for more than one generation!  In addition to gorgeous photo books, I suggest printing photos on a tree, this is an environmentally friendly and stylish solution!

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