Your newborn photographers will be here for you!

Amidst these difficult times, we the newborn photographers of Singapore, are here with you, waiting for the day we can safely return to photographing your growing families. 

It comes as no surprise that newborn photography is often overlooked as a group of small businesses in Singapore. We’re quite a unique bunch of photographers who specialise in capturing all the adorable little details of our most precious gifts in the world. We cuddle, swaddle and pose your little ones, and to do this effectively, we need to rely on that most basic of human needs: touch.


As we near the end of the second month of our Circuit Breaker here in Singapore, it looks likely to be at least another month before we might be allowed to return to photographing the littlest new additions to your families. It does pain us all to know that so many new parents who have recently welcomed their newborns, won’t be able to have their little bundles photographed professionally for a while longer, but we also want to reassure all the anxious mummies and daddies out there that we’ll still be here for you

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All this time spent staying home and staying safe has given many of us the chance to do some thinking about our collective importance in the world. Did we make any sort of impact in the lives of our clients, even though what we do may not be deemed as essential? 


When we think back about the thousands of excited couples we’ve shared the joys of parenthood with, something important occurred to us. As newborn, maternity and baby photographers, we are present during so many important milestones in our clients’ lives. 

We might have been among the first people you informed after you first discovered you were expecting your little bundle. We were there to capture your baby bumps as you patiently anticipated your little one’s arrival. And when baby finally made his or her appearance, we may even have been there at the hospital to document their first 48 hours.

Needless to say, as photographers who specialise in newborns, we’re always there for your baby’s first newborn portrait session, and may even watch your little ones grow up as they learn to crawl, sit and walk!

As folks who make a living taking photographs, we really do have nothing but gratitude for all the mummies and daddies who have stuck by us though these trying times. So, as a small gesture of our love and appreciation we’ve decided to come together to let you all know that we can’t wait to share in all the good times with you again!

              Written by Timothy Fernandez and Yuyeth Fernandez @copyright 2020 Bows and Ribbons Photography